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Disclaimer - use at your own risk.  I'm not an advertising expert by any means.  I just wanted to share some info that might be of valuable assistance to you if you are a plastic surgery office or cosmetic office like ours looking to advertise an open house or event online.  Other docs enjoy golf, I enjoy making seemingly random webpages.

About us:  We are a plastic surgery office in Modesto, CA.  We advertised an open house event in the Modesto Bee Newspaper in print and online.  The online banner ad was linked to one of my websites that kept a separate count of it's own, and it registered 54 hits.  The statistics here were pretty close where it registered 76 hits.  I contributed to at least two of those clicks...

Our cost for advertising online for the Modesto Bee.

We purchased the online advertising as part of a package.  It had cost $300 for 75,000 ads delivered in Oct/Nov 2009.


I got this letter from them when I asked to see the statistics of my online advertising campaign.


Dear Dr. Lee:                                                                          November 21, 2009

 On behalf of The Modesto Bee and , wed like to thank you for your patronage in our online products and services.  Below is performance and creative information that can be used to optimize your performance on our site.  If you have any questions please contact me at xxxxxxx.  Thank you once again, we look forward to serving you! monthly page views: 3,119,019[1] monthly unique users: 459,0241

Yahoo Performance



Impressions Delivered

Clicks Recorded

Click Rate






Online advertising Tidbits

      National average click through rate: 0.05%-0.1%

      67% of customers notice a web ad then check out product later in a physical store.[2]

      61% of customers notice a web ad, do not click, but visit the advertised site later.2


[1] ABC Audit Report date ending September 28, 2008

 [2] DoubleClick Touchpoints IV, 2006; all respondents, N=6, 121


Examples of banner ads that were shown in October/November 2009


First banner for the Modesto Bee.  This design wasn't what I was looking for so we used the one below

Design by the graphic artists of the Modesto Bee Newspaper in Modesto, California


Some more info that I've dug up regarding advertising online


Medical Start-up websites




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