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Plastic Surgery Open House - the finances and lessons learned

Setting up a plastic surgery open house.  Disclaimer - use at your own risk.  I'm not a financial expert or open house consultant by any means.  Under construction - more stuff coming soon.  The info here is just the sharing of some of our behind the scenes experiences in having a plastic surgery open house.  Hope you can modify them to help your plastic surgery event.  The intended audience:  other plastic surgery practices thinking about having open house events.  There's a good amount of info here - enjoy!

Why have an open house

How Often do we have Plastic Surgery open houses?

The Food for the Plastic Surgery Open House/Celebration where does it come from?

How much does the food cost for our Plastic Surgery Open House event?

surgical artistry plastic surgery open house event in Modesto
This picture is not exactly at an open house at our office,
this was at the Gallo Center, Modesto, CA

Lessons Learned - what I would do differently next Modesto plastic surgery open house during the weekday:

What are our Total Costs for having a Plastic Surgery open house
(not counting potential revenue not earned due to not seeing patients that day):

Also not counting raffled off prizes.

The format of this open house was a free for all - fair type format - no RSVP's needed.

Rounded numbers:

Catering  $1,200.00  
Advertising (newspaper)  $1,500.00  
Staffing + day's rent  $   900.00  
Drinks  $   160.00  
extra food  $   100.00  
Name Tags, printing, etc  $     60.00  
 $3,920.00 Total

Then add in what you wanted to do for your plastic surgery/skin care raffles, and then subtract any product rep support (such as from OBAGI and Allergan/Botox).  Thank you very much to our Modesto product reps (Mike and Jen)

Could probably count on spending $4000 to put on an open house event like the one we had on Nov 5, 2009 (our third open house).  The $4000 figure does not include revenue lost for not seeing patients that day, the cost of electricity, the cost of raffles, the cost of extra decorations such as flowers, and doesn't include the cost of buying more products to sell on that day.

Other things you have to bring in

Raffles for Skin Care products

Advertising for your plastic surgery event

Getting reps to help with some of the expenses of the plastic surgery open house

How many people come to our Plastic Surgery Open House events

What Skin Care Items did we sell at the third open house (no RSVP, fair type setting, food, walk-ins)

What's not listed here is something we call "Bank Your Botox"

Amount ITEM - Skin Care/Plastic Surg
14 Elastiderm Cream
2 Exfoderm
2 Perfectly clear brush
11 Clear
6 Blender
1 Healthy Skin protection
7 Exfoderm forte
5 Elastiderm gel
5 Foaming gel
1 Gentle cleanser
1 Sunfader
12 Tretinoin 0.5%
4 Toner
2 Almost clear brush
10 Latisse kits
1 Clarifying cleanser
2 Clarisonic (white)
1 Samson socks
1 Starter set (normal to oily)
1 Rosaclear set
1 Rosaclear sunblock
1 Clenziderm daily foam cleanser
1 Clenziderm pore therapy
1 Hydrating B-5 gel
2 Obagi Decollatage set
5 C-sunguard SPF 30
1 Clenziderm serum gel
1 Nia hand and decollatage
2 Nia mineral sunscreen
1 Clenziderm starter set
2 Antioxidant lip repair
2 Starter set (normal to dry)
1 Phloretin CF
1 Epidermal repair
3 C-Cleansing gel
1 C-exfoliating day lotion
1 C-therapy night cream
1 Travel set (normal to oily)



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