Unique Visitors to Plastic Surgery and Modesto websites per month?

Data from 2009

Disclaimer - use at your own risk.  These numbers are gathered from the internet.  The internet is always evolving as is Plastic Surgery.  Use your own judgement and research before acting upon this information.   The websites selected here are my own websites plus a bunch of websites from Modesto, CA - a random assortment just off the top of my head, and the plastic surgery websites are also pulled up from the top of my head and from friends and from nearby cities in California.

Monthly (max)
Website Unique Visitors
surgerytoday.com 2110
askdrwu.com 2052
bigveins.com 1803
breastguide.com 1194
modestosurgery.com 871
newtomodesto.com 821
beyondniptuck.com 642
tammywu.com (not listed)  
Other Modesto Websites  
modbee.com 879000
mjc.edu 67000
galloarts.org 12721
memorialmedicalcenter.org 10454
dmc-modesto.com 7835
visitmodesto.com 6646
shadowchase.org 2702
galletto.biz 1490
dothedewz.com 1355
modestosymphony.org 1177
modchamber.org 1155
stanislaussurgical.com 1532
Other Plastic Surgery Websites  
awfulplasticsurgery.com 155100
plasticsurgery.org 144500
poustiplasticsurgery.com (sandiego) 13198
bermanmd.com (cupertino, paloalto, advertises) 8530
sfcosmeticsurgery.com 7061
drmosser.com (in San Francisco) 4568
theplasticsurgerycenterofnashville.com 1547
drjohnmoore.com (in Nashville) 1455
bayarea-plasticsurgery.com (advertises) 557
cupertinomedicallaser.com 518
janeaesthetics.com (cupertino not listed)  



We're not affiliated in any way with the the above websites which aren't ours nor with the services that count the number of unique visitors.

We have written another page regarding:  computer programs for doctors and their offices.

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Located in Modesto, CA
Services in Plastic Surgery, Veins, Acupuncture, and General Surgery

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