Davies Symphony Hall at night (home of San Francisco Symphony) picture by Calvin Lee
Davies Symphony Hall October 30, 2009.  Picture by Calvin Lee

How to get to the San Francsico Symphony from Modesto, CA

Disclaimer - use at your own risk.  I'm not a mapping/driving expert by any means.  Please consult and compare with other sources regarding planning your route to San Francsico.   Underconstruction - more stuff coming soon.  This webpage was written in October 2009 - things may have changed since.

Cost of tickets to the San Francisco Symphony

The concert that I have are listed on the internet to be between $15 and $130 each


Which Bart Station should I drive to from Modesto, CA?

Dublin Pleasanton Bart Station.


Details about parking during the day at the Dublin/Pleasanton Bart Station

Please check for the details at the link provided below regarding this Bart station.  Rules may change from time to time.

Parking Guide for Dublin/Pleasanton Bart Station

Directions from Modesto to Dublin/Pleasanton BART station:


The ride from Dublin/Pleasanton BART station

Costs about $5.55 each way and takes about 1 hr.

pict of BART at Pleasantan Dublin Station, California.


Bay Area / San Francisco Links:

http://www.bart.gov/ - BART = Bay Area Rapid Transit.  Please check this page for updates and schedules.

Parking at the Dublin/Pleasanton Bart Station (pdf file)

BART TV (news about the BART) - videos


We're not affiliated in any way with the San Francisco Symphony except that we are fans of great classical music.

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