Brazillian Teak Cumaru Floors

Sand and Finish Cumaru Hardwood Floor

Picture of Cumaru hardwood floor in the evening

Cumaru is also known as Brazillian Teak.  As seen in different lighting conditions.  The wood is sand and finished.  Installed and finished in Modesto, California, USA.  Both the picture above and below is one day after the last coat of Bona Mega, satin finish. Picture (c) Calvin Lee 2011 - if used, please link back to this page, and feel free to let me know (email address below).  Picture taken standing about 6 feet up on a ladder.

Picture of Cumaru hardwood floor (brazilian teak) during the day with the sun out

The Cumaru floor was just finished with a water-based finish (Bona Mega) and was "thirsty" there was some cupping which is resolving pretty quickly.  This Cumaru picture was take the afternoon before the picture above.  Cumaru flooring installed by Harold Wallace, Modesto, CA.  Picture (c) Calvin Lee 2011 - if used, please link back to this page, and feel free to let me know (email address below).


For me, Cumaru has overtones of an orange-yellow hue (more evident in the top cumaru picture) which gives me more of an active energetic feel.  Rather than some of the browner darker redder woods which give me more of a restful feeling.  I guess the color would change gradually over time perhaps with exposure to sunlight.  Red by no means is a clam color, but in comparison to orange, red is a bit more subdued for me (brown is even more so).  I'll have to take another picture in a few years to see if a color comparison is possible.


I have had experience living with several other species of hardwood flooring including

We love hardwood floors and have many of these at our plastic surgey office in Modesto, CA.  We do not install hardwood floors.

Cumaru in Medicine

Of medical interest - Coumadin comes from the Cumaru tree.  The Cumaru Tree also known as Brazilian Teak, and is also known as the Tonka Tree, makes Tonka Beans which contain coumarin from which Coumadin is derived.  Coumadin is warfarin - the blood thinner which is an antagonist to Vitamin K and prevents blood coagulation.  It is also been used as a rat poison.  How's that for a medical related fact?

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