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Disclaimer - use at your own risk.  Underconstruction - more info coming hopefully.  This webpage was written in Nov 2009.  I have a personal interest in computers.  I do not set up computers professionally.  I help run a plastic surgery office in Modesto.  My wife is Dr. Tammy Wu who is a board certified Plastic Surgery practicing in Modesto, California.

Computers that we have in our office as the set up for 2006-2010

Staff Computing (Receptionists and Nursing)

We have found that for EMR purposes 2 gigs of RAM memory with XP is much better than 512 megs of RAM memory.  This is due to the imaging requirements (displaying, rotations, sorting) of scanned in images for our EMR (electronic medical record) or EHR (electronic health record).   In many offices which are mostly paperless, there will be a lot of scanned images.  The computers start using much more images to display these.  I have also found that staff like putting different pictures on the background of their computers - this also takes up space on RAM.  We have started by getting 512 megs of RAM for our ordinary staff workstations (for receptionists and medical assistants); however, lesson learned - we upgraded them to 2 megs of RAM.  This was also helpful for some of the large spreadsheets of data that we collect daily.

Our Plastic Surgery Office Main Server Computer

Dell PowerEdge 1800 Server

This server manages our faxes, email (Microsoft Exchange), PrognoCis EMR (Made by Bizmatics), and Small Business Server 2003.  I also learned the hard way that 4 GB was better than my original 2GB.  I changed out the memory myself for this project and there was a large increase in computer productivity.  It has a 1 terabyte RAID 5 hard-drive setup which was hard to come by when I bought this server in early 2006.

Specialty computers

Photography room graphics computer

VISIA computer (Dell)

Physician Computers

Dr. Tammy Wu's Computer

Dr. Lee's Computers

I'm probably not your usual plastic surgery office manager computer user.  I usually use two computers simultaneously to get work done.

In Terms of Computer Chip Speed (not taking into account multithreading/cores, Intel/AMD) - in order from slowest to fastest:



Pentium Dual Core

Dell PowerEdge Servers


We're not affiliated in any way with the Microsoft, or HP, or Cisco, or Dell, or 3Com. We use these products in our office (Modesto Plastic Surgery with Dr. Tammy Wu).

We have written another page regarding:  computer programs for doctors and their offices.

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